• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Everybody Sport and Recreation relaunch mystery shopping programme

    After bouncing back post Covid-19, Everybody Sport and Recreation are continuing to put their members first by ensuring they deliver the best customer experience by mystery shopping all of their leisure centres.

    Our mystery shoppers who are all keen gym goers, will be providing feedback on what it’s like to be a member at an Everybody Sport and Recreation facility as well as testing out their day passes for newbies.

    Customer Experience Manager, Steve Houchin, told us why it’s so important to deep dive into the member experience:

    “It’s vital that we are monitoring our performance as a business from the very start of the initial online enquiry stage, right the way through to the experience of customers getting fit and healthy in our gyms, studios and swimming pools to achieve their goals.


    To be re-igniting our partnership with Proinsight again is very exciting. During our previous partnership, Proinsight were instrumental in providing feedback in key areas to support developing our front of house teams. Highlighting these key areas to develop has enabled us to provide staff the skills and training required to enhance the experience within all of our centres.


    Our restart of the scheduled mystery shopping at Everybody Sport and Recreation clearly outlines our intentions to now improve and move forward our digital and automated systems too.  This will ensure that all online transactions and communications seamlessly link in with face-to-face interactions within centres too.”


    If you would like more information about mystery shopping, please fill out the enquiry form below and we will be in touch!