• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  •  As you’re probably aware, a brand is much more than just a company’s name or logo, it is the way their products and services are perceived by their customers and the feelings that their company name evokes. The term ‘brand’ can sometimes be quite difficult to get your head around, but all companies tend to know just how important it is to have a strong brand and the many benefits that come with this.  


    When you own a retail company and you’re trying to create a brand, there are many different tools that you can use to help you like marketing and advertising, for example, but many don’t realise that mystery shopping can be very useful too. If you’ve never really considered working with a retail mystery shopper to strengthen your brand before and you’re wondering how they can help, keep reading today.  


    Face-to-face mystery shopping 


    Of course, because the success of your brand comes down to how your company is perceived by those who experience it, face-to-face mystery shopping services will come in very handy. These services will help you to understand how your brand comes across to those who visit your retail store and how your employees may be helping or hindering your brand with their interaction with customers. This insight will be invaluable when you’re creating a brand.  


    Online mystery shopping 


    The majority of retail companies have online stores these days and it is vital to remember that your website will also influence customer’s opinions of your brand. Using online mystery shopping services you can better understand what your customer experience is like online from start to finish. Ensuring that your online store doesn’t let your brand down is absolutely essential and it will help to increase the chances of customers choosing your company and your products over your competitors. 


    Social media mystery shopping  


    In this digital day and age, it goes without saying that your social media channels will greatly influence customers’ perceptions of your company and, in turn, impact your brand. Your social media is an integral part of your marketing strategy these days, but it is always important to remember that the channels you use can help you to instil brand loyalty too. Social media mystery shopping services can help you to review your social channels, ensure that they’re in line with your brand and that your user experience is exemplary.  


    Telephone mystery shopping  


    Simply put, the key to remaining relevant in the retail industry is to provide uncompromising customer service, not only in-store, but also online and over the phone too. It can be easy to overlook, but every communication customers have with your company will change their perception and for this reason, the way your employees are on the phone is very important. Telephone mystery shopping services allow you to assess your company’s phone etiquette and they can help you to ensure that this is strengthening your brand.  


    Competitor mystery shopping  


    Learning about other brands and understanding how they give companies a competitive advantage can be very useful too, and competitor mystery shopping can help you to do this. A retail mystery shopper can interact with your competitors and provide you with feedback about their experience. This will allow you to establish what sets you apart from others and enable you to improve your company to help make your brand that little bit more competitive. 


    Enlisting the help of a retail mystery shopper 


    There really is no denying that working with a mystery shopping company can be invaluable not only when you’re first creating a brand, but when you’re trying to maintain a strong brand too. The information and insight that retail mystery shoppers can provide you with will help you to ensure that your company and your products are being perceived in the right way, and it goes without saying that this is essential to business success.  


    To speak with an experienced mystery shopping company about working with a retail mystery shopper in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Proinsight. We provide an incredibly vast range of services and we have experience in a number of different industries, so you can trust that we will be able to help. Our friendly team will gladly answer any questions that you may have about mystery shopping and we can work with you to create a mystery shopping programme that is perfect for your individual business needs and brand goals. 


    If you’d like to learn more about how a retail mystery shopper could assist your company please get in touch with us here


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