• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Different Retail Mystery Shopping Services All Stores Should Know About  


    There is no denying that retail mystery shopping services are incredibly beneficial and there are so many reasons why both small independent stores and big chain stores should use them. Ultimately, knowledge is power and the more an establishment can know about their customers’ experience the better. Retail mystery shopping provides store owners with an insight into their customers’ journey and this will, in turn, enable them to make improvements in this regard.  


    When deciding to work with retail mystery shoppers, the vast majority of store owners will turn to the most well-known and arguably the most popular service too; physical face to face visits. Whilst this service is incredibly beneficial and worthwhile using, many are unaware that there are actually many other different retail mystery shopping services that can help them too. If you’re interested in finding out more about these additional services, keep reading today.  


    Video mystery shopping 


    This is very similar to face to face visits in the fact that the mystery shopper will physically come into your store, yet as the name suggests, they will be wearing a camera. During video mystery shopping, the whole customer journey will be recorded allowing store owners to see exactly what the mystery shopper experienced when in-store. This footage will provide you with the best possible insight into how well your team is doing and it is undeniably beneficial.  


    Telephone mystery shopping  


    The name of this service is fairly self-explanatory and telephone mystery shopping is where a professional mystery shopper will phone your store instead of physically visiting. This particular service will help you to understand how well your team is handling incoming calls from any current and potential customers. Depending on what you’re wanting to find out from the phone call, the mystery shopper will ask different questions and this service is very flexible 


    Online mystery shopping  


    In this digital age, many retail stores also offer online shopping to their customers and this particular retail mystery shopping service can be incredibly helpful if you have a website. Online mystery shopping will look at everything, from how easy it is to find and use your site to all aspects of the delivery. The feedback provided by a mystery shopper will help you to improve your online shopping experience for your customers.  


    Social media mystery shopping  


    This is also incredibly relevant nowadays and social media mystery shopping services are more important than ever before. An experienced mystery shopper will review all of your social channels and also engage with your team on these platforms before reporting their findings back to you. It can be easy to overlook how powerful social media can be and this particular service can help you to ensure you’re getting the most out of this tool.  


    Competitor mystery shopping 


    All store owners should know about this retail mystery shopping service and it is one that will be incredibly helpful. Competitor mystery shopping is another self-explanatory service and essentially, a mystery shopper will go into your competitor’s stores, talk to them on the phone and interact with them online to assess their customer experience. This will inform you of what they’re doing well and help you to ensure that you’re staying competitive in this regard.  


    Using various retail mystery shopping services  


    Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about the many different retail mystery shopping services that are available to you. It is fair to say that as a store owner, it may be beneficial to use more than one of these services and it is worthwhile considering your individual needs and which will be most helpful to you. If you’d like to speak to a professional experienced company for some advice in this regard, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Proinsight.  


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