• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • At the end of May, David Hopkins, the MD and Founder of Proinsight Research was invited to be a keynote speaker at the MSPA’s People and Performance conference day. Members of the MSPA from all over Europe and Africa attended to listen to a series of talks, a really great and thought provoking day!


    David spoke about a topic which is close to his heart and very much in line with Proinsight’s values and how we’ve operated throughout the pandemic; how to motivate and stay engaged with staff so that they’re ready to get the company going again once restrictions had lifted. Last month we conducted more mystery shops than we were running prior to Covid-19 with a smaller team – so the David and the management must have got it right!

    In order to “Power up the Dream Team” you first need to have the right employees in place, the Proinsight management team adopted the strategy, “Our objective was to put our people at the heart of the decisions we make, while doing everything possible to maintain, develop and protect the business.”. This was crucial in retaining the right staff throughout the last 16 months and keeping them engaged in training sessions (run by the  and just generally checking in with them through the form of game nights and the classic lockdown quizzes in order to keep spirits up. This led to the Pro team being super flexible in terms of job roles and hours to get the company back up and running after each of the three national lockdowns.

    Our mystery shoppers are at the heart of our business, with 28,000 of them keeping them engaged was a massive part of Hannah’s role. Hannah ran Shopper Satisfaction Surveys to really listen to the key frustrations of our shoppers so we could use this ‘downtime’ to implement changes – these came in the form of reformed Shopper Guidelines due to Covid-19 and also we changed our shopper grading requirements to make it more transparent for our shoppers so they understand how they can improve their grades. The shoppers awards was a lovely way to end the year, we all suited up in formal attire to present various awards to our shoppers and we had around 80 people on the zoom – hosting a zoom that big was certainly an experience!


    By working super hard over the last 16 months we are really proud of where we’re at as a company and we feel we’re really ready to tackle the post Covid world with an awesome team in place. Below is a few of the results that David and the management team love to sing and shout about as a result of measure they’ve taken.