• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • COVID-19 Mystery Shop, Your Road to Recovery

    We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are eagerly awaiting the ‘opening date’ for our industries, but are you ready? Here at Proinsight, we’ll ensure you are.

    Whilst we all want the date to come soon, some brands are naively thinking they can phase in like they phased out. What if this goes wrong? What if your business is the one to have not checked and put in place precautions to look after your colleagues, your customers and your brand?

    Working with the latest guidelines produced by CIMPSA, UKActive and the Government, we’ve created your COVID-19 Road to Recovery mystery shop. Unlike internal audits that most of you, if not all of you can put in place, as a 3rdparty provider you can be confident in the knowledge that we provide completely unbiased mystery shops. Completed by one of our 25,000 UK field agents, a local and real consumer.

    that you can really guarantee that your precautions and opening procedures are being recognised by your users.

    Want to see an example mystery shop?  Click here                        

    The Road to Recovery mystery shop will be completed in the first 2 weeks of you opening your doors, and as frequently as you need following this. Which means without you lifting a finger we’ll have your locations audited, giving you easy to understand and analyse results that provide insight of how your local management teams have stepped up to the mark.  

    We will help you certify that not only have you got ticks in the boxes, like 3X3m² spacing in reception area and hand sanitiser stations throughout, but that your customers feel safe and confident that they’ll continue to return to your facilities after their first visit.

    Whether it be a health club, restaurant, café, cinema or any other customer facing outlet, we’re here to support your business. From mandatory sections advised by PHE to those little gestures your consumer family will love, we can tailor your audit to be bespoke for your brand.

    Simply click here or scan the QR code to start your journey to ensuring the ‘new normal’ is as you need it to be.