• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • We may get a few strange looks for mentioning Christmas in October and we understand that for most people, the festive season still feels like it’s months away. However, for businesses in the retail sector, it is just around the corner and preparations have already begun. Some big retailers have even started stocking their shelves with festive novelties and in a few weeks’ time, Christmas products will be everywhere you turn.


    This time of year is crucial for retail businesses and a successful festive period can have a direct impact on how much profit they make that year. Working with a mystery shopping company can be hugely beneficial during the lead-up to Christmas and now is the perfect time to start conducting mystery shops if you haven’t yet done so. With a range of auditing mystery shopping services available, mystery shopping is your key to a successful festive season. Below we have explored how a retail mystery shopper can help your retail business this Christmas.


    Make any important changes before the Christmas rush


    For the majority of retailers, Christmas is the busiest time of the year and you need to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for the influx of customers you’re going to get. Auditing mystery shopping is designed to help you iron out any flaws in your customer journey and ensure your business is operating exactly as it should be from a customer’s point of view.


    If you start working with a mystery shopping agency now, you will have enough time to make some changes to your store before the festive season. Using the feedback received from face-to-face mystery shops, you can implement changes that will put your business in the best position to handle what the Christmas period brings. You can also make sure all standards are continuing to be met as your store gets busier during the lead-up to Christmas.


    Ensure your team is prepared for the festive season


    There is no denying that working in retail at Christmas can be challenging, no matter how experienced your team is. By using a mystery shopping audit service, you can gain a better insight into how prepared your employees are for the festive period and provide any training required to make sure operations run smoothly even as your store gets busier.


    A mystery shopping company will work closely with you to ensure you’re getting valuable feedback from mystery shoppers and they can tailor the retail shop to your needs. Whether you want to assess overall customer service or see how knowledgeable your team is about your products, mystery shopping can give you the insight you need. Providing support and training to employees now will help to prevent common problems at Christmas time.


    Drive more footfall into your store this Christmas period


    As mentioned above, having a successful Christmas is essential for businesses in the retail sector and you need to get customers through the doors this festive season. Understanding more about the customer experience you provide in-store can help you to implement changes that will keep customers satisfied and encourage them to return time and time again.


    Not only can traditional mystery shopping help you to attract and retain customers, but online mystery shopping and telephone mystery shopping can be beneficial too. Every interaction a customer has with your business is important and it has the potential to help or hinder your brand reputation. Improving your all-around customer experience will help to ensure you have the successful festive period that you’re hoping for this year.


    Trying auditing mystery shopping in the lead-up to Christmas


    Ultimately, auditing mystery shopping is a useful tool that all retail store owners should be using during the lead-up to Christmas and ideally, all year round to ensure their business is as prosperous and profitable as possible. If you would like to find out more about working with a mystery shopping company, explore the Proinsight website today.


    We have been providing mystery shopping services to a vast range of industries for many years now and we’ve got the experience, skill and knowledge required to help you understand your unique customer journey and improve your position in the marketplace this Christmas. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about auditing mystery shopping and we can help you to create a bespoke mystery shopping package that suits your business best.