• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Last week Guy Griffiths, who works with The Collective and they have created a regular networking event, this is awesome space where health & fitness professionals can get together to chat about anything. Banding together to share issues and ideas is crucial in thriving in this post Covid world.

    With a variety of suppliers. site managers, MDs and CX specialists the wealth of expertise is invaluable for anyone who wants a bit of advice or just wants to learn from other people’s challenges. It was a great hour or so where we were able to discuss the new world without sales pitches from anyone – we were really there to help one another.


    The collective

    Our Head of Business Development Chloe was asked to speak a little about the work we do and how mystery shopping can be used in a variety of settings – whether that be internally or to assess your competitors. This however wasn’t Chloe talking for a prolonged period of time, she introduced herself and then was involved in a series of Q&A’s from attendees ranging from the ins and outs of mystery shopping to how can businesses ensure their video marketing on social media promotes their customer journey in their intended way. Some thought-provoking questions led to some great discussions amongst all attendees!

    A really interesting hour where a lot was learnt, do keep an eye out for the next one near the beginning on August!