• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Proinsight have partnered with Q Data, a company who deliver digital marketing campaigns, to measure how successfully our clients deliver follow up calls to their prospects. 

    Q Data send out hundreds of offer led text messages to their clients data and will receive a fantastic uptake from customers responding to the text message indicating that they are very interested in the offer. 

    These positive replies are then given to the client to follow up with a telephone call. The key here is to ensure that the hot lead receives a call promptly before they turn cold and that the member of staff  encourages the prospect to book an appointment for the opportunity to sell their product face to face. 

    The results show that out of the 10 leisure centres we mystery shopped, only 36% actually followed up the hot lead within 24 hours of the customer responding YES to the text message they received. Out of the 36% who received a follow up, 80% of them were left a voicemail encouraging them to call the centre back. When the mystery shoppers called the centre back, only 41% of them were asked to make an appointment to have a tour of the centre. 

    For more information contact our Account Manager, [email protected]