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  • Proinsight Shopper Ezine – August 2019

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    Last month we teased, this month it’s here!

    We’d now like to announce that Proinsight are selling covert video cameras to our shoppers!

    Our clients are understanding more that having the ability to watch back the service their colleagues are providing allows them to train and encourage better customer service and performance.

    This is great news for you, our shoppers! Video mystery shopping pays a higher fee than normal mystery visits and as Proinsight are growing, so is the ability to complete video mystery visits.

    Usually our experienced and regular video mystery shoppers use covert button hole cameras to complete their visits. Whilst, we’d suggest that this is still likely the best way to complete lots of video visits or those that last a long time, we understand that this is rather costly and wanted to look into ways of making upgrading to ‘video status’ more viable.

    Our covert smart watch cameras run on a looped system that will record in 10 minute clips that can be linked together before attaching to your Proinsight survey. They cost £44.99 each which includes postage and packaging and will usually arrive within 5 days of purchase. So perfect for the August video mystery shops that you’ve got your eye on!

    Video mystery shops tend to pay £25-£70 so once you’ve completed 2 shops with your new covert watch you’re quids in!

    This cost (£44.99) does not include the micro SD card you will need to record and save your footage, we suggest a 64GB micro SD card but 32GB can be used for 20-30 minute assignments.

    To order your covert video smart watch or find out more information, please email us at [email protected], by clicking this link an email will populate with the subject title ‘Video Watch Camera – My Location Is….’, please populate your location and enter your query into the email body.

    We’d suggest only looking into becoming a Video Mystery Shopper if you’ve completed mystery shops before and are used to survey writing and conducting assignments to a high standard. Please contact your Programme Coordinator for advice or to ask questions about if video shopping is for you.

    Our TOP Newbie is Jane from Solihull!

    We’ve gone from Julie to Jane, the Jennifer’s and Jonathan’s need to step up to the plate for the J’s!

    Congratulations Jane, you’ve really made your mark on the Proinsight team. Jane has completed an amazing 15 assignments in her first month with us! That’s 7 more than last months newbie!

    2nd place goes to Maroulla from Enfield with 7 completed visits.
    3rd place is James from Sutton Coldfield with 5 visits in their first month.

    Jane, Maroulla and James all started their Proinsight journey in July and have already started helping our clients in creating better brands and happier customers. Thank you all!

    Of course, it’s not all about quantity, QUALITY is important too!

    If you haven’t already, the best place to be whilst getting used to report writing is our Proinsight Shopper Academy! Here you’ll find printable or saveable checklists on how to write, complete and submit your reports in the best way.

    Visit https://proinsight.freshdesk.com/support/solutions to start learning now! 

    New Client Alert
    Amongst the old clients we all know and love, Proinsight have created new partnerships with lots of new clients in July that we’d love to tell you about.

    Brilliant news for you ladies and gents as it means we’ll be keeping you busy as well as filling your pockets with and widening your experience.

    New clients include Kaspa’s Dessert (another ice cream/desserts restaurant to add to the list), The Langham Hotel (1 more high end hotel/restaurant/bar to let you dress up in your posh frocks), UK Parliament (talking of posh frocks, why not put on your fancies for a UK Parliament tour?!), Stansted Airport (we all fancy a coffee or food before a flight), Anytime Fitness (experience a membership for a month!), plus loads more!

    Log on to your Open Opportunities page to see what assignments are available near you. Click here to get yourself logged in to ‘Open Opportunities’.

    Come and join the Proinsight team in our central London office!

    You’ll get the change to meet the team, network with fellow shoppers and have the most common shopper questions answered. This networking event is for our current shoppers, old and new.
    Please do come and join us for a coffee and catch up!

    Contact [email protected] or check out our event on www.facebook.com/proinsightuk for more details.

    There will be 2 events on Thursday 26th of September.
    There are limited spaces so please book your space.

    14:00 – 14:30 
    Book a space on our daytime event HERE.
    (only 20 spaces available)

    18:30 – 21:00 
    Book a space on our evening event HERE. 
    (only 35 spaces available)

    We’d love to meet you and help plan your future shopper journey with Proinsight Research Ltd. Please do email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

    Shopper of the Month!
    July 2019

    We are delighted to announce our Shopper of the Month, Siobhan from Belfast!
    We appreciate all the hard work our shoppers do and all the great reports that they write, but Siobhan is ‘something else!’ and has really helped us out in Northern Ireland.

    Siobhan registered with us in August 2019 and has since been able to provide feedback to 7 different clients. She’s now lucky enough to be able have completed one of our most sought after mystery shopping assignments, the David Lloyd member journey!

    A very well done from our Programme Coordinator and Quality Controller team.

    Congratulations Siobhan! You have won yourself a £20 John Lewis voucher. Get in touch and we’ll arrange the best way of getting this to you.

    Every month, we reward a shopper for consistently writing emotively, descriptively and completing shops reliably. If you haven’t won, don’t despair, you’ll have your moment!

    If you are looking to win shopper of the month, our shopper checklist will help you accomplish this!

    We love to chat! Please feel free to contact us using our social media platforms either throughout or outside of office hours. We can’t always promise to be ‘having a scroll’ at the same time as you, but will get back to you as soon as possible! 

    Our hashtag is #proinsightuk if you’d like to shout us out!

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    For direct and recorded contact, please continue to email [email protected]