Internal Auditing

Proinsight SmartAudit™ is a multipurpose online/offline data collection tool that enables easy, instant and accurate auditing to take place at all your locations and across all your mobile devices.  An integrated platform approach means the reporting and analysis of your internal audit structure is simplified, saving management time and cost.

Our sophisticated data collection platform can collate all your audits in one resource centre:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Users can attach media files to verify results
  • Submit results instantly for real time reporting
  • Collect audit data and images even when off line
  • Run audits on most mobile devices across multiple platforms
  • Mobile audit application integrated with the reporting and scheduling capabilities


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Using Proinsight SmartAudit for all your organisation’s auditing has the following benefits:

Time and Cost Saving

Our audit tool saves on average over two hours per audit, which in cost terms for a chain with 10 locations running monthly audits is a saving of £5k* per year.

Fit For Purpose

Each audit can be configured exactly to your needs and has the option of fixed fields so there is 100% compliance in-fill.  The offline functionality means that no location is ‘out of reach’ in the basement or if the wi-fi is temporarily down as our audit tool works offline

Immediate Action

Our Action Manager tool allows all outstanding audit issues to be tracked to completion.

Visual Presentation

Trend analysis is available at the press of a button in your audit dash board and all your historical audit data is stored so past audits are also available for analysis.  Reporting platform is also media enabled so photographs are easily incorporated, especially powerful on maintenance, safety or brand standards audits. 

*Estimate based on current client pilot and based on salary £40k pa

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