Secret Shopper UK

Are you interested in becoming a secret shopper in the UK? Here at Proinsight, we are always looking out for professionals who would make brilliant secret shoppers. We are customer experience fanatics and we believe that all consumers have a right to incredible service, we want all of our secret shoppers to have this mindset also. 


Secret shopping is used by lots of companies to test their service levels so they can understand what their customers are experiencing every day. It is our aim to provide the best possible secret shoppers in the UK to ensure that the companies we work with get reliable and useful feedback. At Proinsight we offer a service where we recruit and train members of the general public to go into places such as coffee shops, leisure centres, restaurants, and carefully observe the service experienced by them during the visit. 


There are many benefits to becoming a secret shopper in the UK, it is the perfect job if you’re looking for flexible work. Although we do require shops to be assessed by particular dates you have flexibility when it comes to completing the feedback forms. Our online platform for feedback forms is available 24 hours a day so working for Proinsight as a secret shopper can fit in with your busy lifestyle. Many people also say that working as a secret shopper in the UK can be interesting and also quite fun. We want to make the job as easy and convenient as possible and we have created a mobile app that will be beneficial to our staff. You can now complete notes on the move whilst you’re completing your secret shop so it makes completing the feedback forms even easier. 


Of course, there are also financial benefits to working as a secret shopper in the UK and we pride ourselves on being a good employer. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked as a secret shopper before, at Proinsight we completely train all of our staff and you will have constant support from our Programme Coordinators. We will ensure that you are ready to complete your first secret shop before we sent you to one of our clients’ companies. You will need to pass a short assessment to become certified.


To find out more about working for Proinsight and becoming a secret shopper in the UK get in touch today. We have an online form that you can complete, simply provide us with your contact details and we will get back to you with some more information. We will explain in more detail exactly what the job entails and answer any questions that you may have.