Retailer Mystery Shopping

When you are involved in retail, it is important to ensure that every aspect of the company is performing to the best standards. Retail itself is highly competitive and requires great attention to detail, and a willingness to achieve everything that a customer demands. This involves the highest level of customer service and the ability to think quickly on your feet.

When you wish to review your customer service and shopper’s experience overall, then you may need to invest in a retailer mystery shopping service. Here at Proinsight we are widely known for our ability for providing our clients with reliable mystery shopping intel that accurately and fairly tests your staff in the workplace from the view of a customer.

Our mystery shoppers will give you valuable insight into the customer experience of your business. By making your staff aware of the process, it will motivate them to provide a consistently high standard of customer service to all your clients, not only when there is a mystery shopper is on the premises but at all times.

Our trained mystery shoppers always go unnoticed by your staff and are seen as a real customer. After they have visited, they will upload their results and comments onto a reporting platform which feeds into your bespoke client dashboard.

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