Hire A Retail Secret Shopper

Are you a proud owner of a shop or the manager of a big retailer in the UK? Do you want to know if your staff are delivering the customer service experience for your customers? By using our expertise here at ProInsight, we’ll be able to deliver reliable information about the service provided by your staff. Whether you have certain doubts about your customer service or you would like advice, then our team of mystery shoppers will be able to help.

To hire a retail secret shopper today, look no further than ProInsight.

We are highly experienced in what we do and are fanatics of customer service. We believe that all customers have a right to receive a quality service whenever they step into a commercial setting. We take the time to set a realistic aim to understand what your customers need, and try to put your staff to the test. We’ll work together to build a programme that is designed to drive your customer experience strategy and ensure you results are not only vital but useful.

To find out more about our retail secret shopping services, look no further. Speak to a member of the team today on 0845 468 0430.