Hire A Retail Secret Shopper Today

Have you been exploring your options in terms improving the customer experience of your business? By hiring a retail secret shopper, you can get accurate and reliable feedback about your customer service and a customer journey.

At Proinsight, we have worked with an array of businesses over the years and helped improve their business. Hire a retail secret shopper with us today and you will not regret your decision. We’ll give you valuable insight into your business and allow you to find out information you may not necessarily know about your team. Whether that’s a difficulty they have or a lack of knowledge, you can rely on our secret shoppers to find it.

Our trained mystery shoppers are used to a quality service and know all too well about the typical difficulties with customer service. On each scheduled visit, they will report on their experience and upload to a bespoke client dashboard. Here you will be able to see the results of their retail experience. The information you gain will be unbiased and an accurate representation of your business based on its customer service.

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