Where To Hire A Retail Secret Shopper

Are you wondering where to hire a retail secret shopper to support you in assessing your customer service? With our team of expert secret shoppers, you can experience secret shopper like no other. Our team are highly experienced and know how best to assess your customer service from the view of a customer.

We specialise in choosing secret shoppers for retailers – our team of shoppers are highly polished in the process of posing as a consumer and then testing your service levels by simulating a customer’s experiences. The result? You will have valuable, unbiased insight into the customer experience of your customers.

Our customers tend to see improvements in service levels, customer loyalty and staff engagement after using our services, mostly because it not only tests your staff, but offers you the opportunity to teach your team how to better their overall service.

Our mystery shoppers will go unnoticed by your staff and be seen as a normal customer. They’ll upload their results and comments onto the reporting platform that feeds into your bespoke client dashboard – which means no waiting around for feedback.

Before we send our shoppers to your business, we’ll take the time to discuss your unique customer journey and design a bespoke programme to improve your customers’ experience.

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