Hire A Health Club Secret Shopper

Are you looking to hire a health club secret shopper to assess your services, products and staff? When you’re the owner of a business in any industry, you can always rely on our expertise here at Proinsight. We give you the results you need with complete transparency and accuracy every single time.

We have a number of mystery shoppers at Proinsight who hold years of experience in the line of customer service. It is single handily the most important aspect of any business. If your customer service is poor, you will not ever retain customers and it will deeply impact you as a business. By hiring a secret shopper, you can see exactly how good or bad your customer service is and pick up information on where you need to improve.

As a team of customer experience fanatics, we believe that all customers should have the right to experience an incredible service wherever they go. We ensure to take the time to understand you and your business, whilst trying to help out your customers. We’ll act on both sides of the customer interaction or experience, by working with you and then becoming a legitimate customer.

Health clubs, gyms and fitness centres are where we can help with our secret shoppers, so do not hesitate, let us help you improve your business today!

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