Hire A Car Dealership Secret Shopper

Are you wondering if there is a way to accurately and fairly test your car sales team at your garage? Here at Proinsight, we offer our clients an effective car dealership secret shopping service which allows you to hear a customer’s experience when buying a car. If you want to hire a car dealership secret shopper, then look no further than Proinsight – we will be able to provide a secret shopper who will offer honest feedback about their experience.

A mystery shopping assessment can provide you with many benefits; the most prominent being that you will receive feedback of the service you and your staff are providing from the point of view of a customer. Although it is the mystery shopper’s job to come to you, they’re still a customer, and being unknown to everyone in the business does mean that they will receive the service that your customers receive.

By hearing honest feedback from a mystery shopper, you can expect to improve your services levels, increase customer loyalty, create better staff engagement and increase your market share and profit.

Find out more today by browsing through our website. We offer our secret shopper services to clients in all industries up and down the country.

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