Hire A Car Dealership Mystery Shopper

Buying a car for many people can be a stressful process. The main reason being that people have a perception of salesmen and women for being swindlers and only ever having one thing in mind – making money. But this isn’t true, and many companies want to ensure that is not the case with their sales team. The best way to test your staff is with the hire of a car dealership mystery shopper – this will give you an in-depth and honest review of your staff; allowing you to improve your customer service.

Here at Proinsight, we thrive on completing mystery shopping and consumer research for our clients. The ability to make a difference to a business and a customer’s shopping experience is highly rewarding for our team. With our effective car dealership secret shopping service, you will be able to receive a customer’s honest experience when buying a car with your business and staff. Our mystery shopping process is something that not many companies would have tried, so you will instantly have the upper hand when looking to improve your business and make it stronger than the competition.

We offer an in-depth service to best suit your needs. By browsing through the rest of our website, you can see the complete service we provide to our clients.

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