Find Secret Shoppers For Leisure Centres

Take a look at Proinsight today if you need to find secret shoppers for leisure centres. At Proinsight, we give you valuable opportunity to see your company the way customers view it, and the information we bring can help you identify new ways to enhance the customer experience and strengthen your brand. You’re more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about how the service works, so don’t hesitate to do so today. We can provide you with a better insight into your frontline and get an objective viewpoint.

How Are You Perceived?

You can get in touch with us today by calling 0845 468 0430 or by sending a message to We can also give you a better insight into how your competitors are performing and enable you to benefit from consumer-led research programmes. You can follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, and our team are always eager to share their vast knowledge with you. If you need help with finding out how your leisure centre is perceived by its users, we can help. Why not drop us a line or explore the website right now?

We’re experts in Mystery Shopping for the leisure, gym and fitness and industry and really understand this market. If you are in the industry and want to discuss how we can help, we’re just a phone call or email away.

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