Find A Premier Secret Shopper Service

Do you want to find a premier secret shopper service? For many business owners and directors, knowing what truly happens on the front line of your business is often something which cannot be honestly tested. But with the assistance of a leading secret shopping service, they will be able to strategically test your employees and report back to you on their experience of your business. Here at ProInsight, we want to help all businesses across the UK by offering our expert insight into customer service by offering our unique customer journey mystery shopping services.

The key to mystery shopping is to accurately test a customer’s journey when they come to shop or visit your business. By allowing a stranger (one of our expert mystery shoppers) to visit your business, we’ll be able to see how they perceive you and your staff, as well as give insight into the overall feel of the commercial property – examples of their findings can include whether they could find what they needed, whether they received adequate support from staff, and an overall view of the business. With this unbiased opinion, you can find out honest feedback and therefore improve your business.

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