Find A Premier Mystery Shopping Service

Do you want to find a premier mystery shopping service where you can receive constructive feedback about improving your business and customer journey? By using our expert mystery shopper experts here at Proinsight, you can rest easy knowing our team are on the case of improving your customer’s experience.

Mystery Shoppers in Retail
Our mystery shoppers know how to best assess a business; they will pose as consumers and test your service levels by simulating your customer’s experience. Our shoppers will give you a valuable insight into the customer experience of your business by acting as a customer – who better to ask than a customer?

Our customers tend to see improvements in service levels after our team have posed as a customer. With customer loyalty and staff engagement being improved most. Our trained mystery shoppers will go unnoticed by your staff, and they’ll upload their results and comments onto the reporting platform that feeds into your bespoke client dashboard.

Before we send our shoppers in, we’ll take the time to discuss your unique customer journey and design a bespoke programme to improve your customers’ experience. This will gift you with great knowledge on customer service, but the telling results will be from the mystery shopper.