Find A Premier Mystery Shopper Service

Do you want to find a premier mystery shopper service in the UK? For all businesses, it can be difficult to know how to really gain accurate details about your service, products and staff. But there is expert support available to you. Here at Proinsight, we offer a quality mystery shopper service which will fairly and precisely assess your front line team, based on their knowledge of your business and equally important, their customer service skills.

Why should you utilise our premier mystery shopper service?
Our team of trained mystery shoppers are here not to catch your staff out or point fingers, they’re here to assess their own experience in your business and then feedback to you honestly. You have the opportunity to improve your service, and there’s no better process to allow you to do so.

Each visit is scheduled and the mystery shop results and comments are uploaded onto a detailed report. This report on the mystery shop will then be uploaded to an online platform for the client to read and review. We have worked with numerous clients up and down the UK, and we’ve seen nothing but improvements when we’ve sent one of our expert shoppers to a store. We find that our service always provokes improved service levels, increased customer loyalty, better staff engagement and bigger market share and profit.

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