Find Mystery Shoppers For Retailers

Do you know what your customers see and feel when they walk into your shop or business? For directors and managers, it’s difficult to really assess their staff’s customer service ability fairly and realistically, because the performance could be tainted by your presence; especially if you’re casting an eye over the work. This is why a mystery shopping services could be perfect to discover the positive and negatives to your employees’ approach. If you wish to find mystery shoppers for retailers, look no further than our expert mystery shoppers here at Proinsight.

The benefit of mystery shopping is that you can take constructive criticism and hear the customer journey from the view of a new customer. The customer journey has to be of the highest standard in any shop, especially retail. Customer service is key, and we want to ensure that you as a business understand and hear the true experience of a customer.

Mystery shopping allows you to take a jump to the side of the customer, and that’s definitely the best way to test your business. We have devised a system which allows the mystery shopping experience to be documented and reviewed through our Proinsight Action Planning tool – which offers clients in-depth feedback about the mystery shopper’s experience; from the interactions of your staff to the overall experience of locating the items they require.

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