Experienced Leisure Centre Mystery Shopping Services

Here at Proinsight, we’re widely known for our mystery shopping capabilities. The aim is always the same for us, to offer you a natural, fair and accurate insight into the service that your staff are providing. It’s the biggest question for many businesses, especially those that deal with customers regularly.

For experienced leisure centre mystery shopping services, look no further. Our team are highly skilled, experienced and equipped to give you the information that matters most; how your business is perceived by real customers.

We are experienced mystery shoppers for the leisure, gym and fitness industry, and really understand this market when it comes to customer service and expectations. Your customers want to be treated with respect and gain the information they need quickly and effectively.

One of the most important factors to assess at your leisure centre is the facilities available as well as the customer service – it all coincides with the whole customer experience. If you are a senior member of staff or owner of a health club and you want to accurately test your staff and facilities, then our Health Club Mystery Shopping service is ideal.

If you are in the industry and want to discuss how we can help, we’re just a phone call away – call us today on 0845 468 0430.

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