Best UK Secret Shopper

Do you need assistance from the best UK secret shoppers? Our experienced team at Proinsight are here to help. For many years now we have been working closely with companies to help them perfect their customer’s journey. We are customer experience fanatics and we believe that all consumers have a right to incredible service, let us help you to ensure that they always receive this from your company. 


Here at Proinsight, we use a specific action plan to help our clients improve their service levels, increase their customer loyalty, get better staff engagement and overall make more profit. With the help of our best UK secret shoppers, we will take you straight to the front line of customer experience. For you to really understand what needs to change in your company you need to hear first hand what your consumers think and we can make this happen. Our trained secret shoppers will visit your company and provide comments regarding their experience. 


We will take our secret shopper’s comments and turn them into your unique plan of action. We have our own Proinsight Action Planning™ tool which will make an instant impact with prioritised action. Our intelligent system will help you every step of the way and be your base for the plan we have created for your organisation. Every detail is visible on the Action Plan Dashboard so you can track your progress and make sure your team has started to address priority issues. 


Three of the main areas we focus on here at Proinsight are email enquiry, telephone enquiry and face to face enquiry. We will look into how your organisation is responding to online requests, how you are dealing with incoming telephone calls and how your staff team are dealing with your customers face to face. Along with the information fed back to us from our best UK secret shoppers, we also have video technology that will enable you to see with your own eyes what is happening using our discreet recording service. 


To find out more about how our best UK secret shoppers and our action plan can help you, please feel free to get in touch today. You can email our friendly team at providing us with some more information about your company and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be able to answer any questions you initially have and provide you with all the additional information you require.