• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • ANGUSalive partner with Proinsight

    Since 2015, ANGUSalive have been providing services to their community in the county of Angus to support and encourage healthier lifestyles.

    Their mission has a clear focus on customer service excellence, and to drive improvement through their engaged workforce, Proinsight are proud to be delivering mystery shopping services across 7 of their sport and leisure venues to measure the customer experience delivered to those seeking to join a leisure facility.

    Iain Stevens, Senior Manager at ANGUSalive explained why now is the right time to implement a mystery shopping programme: ‘Our partnership with Proinsight is key to our ongoing recovery phase out of the pandemic. The outputs from the mystery shop initiative will contribute to assessing and improving our ongoing customer service standards’

    If you would like Proinsight to mystery shop your leisure facilities, please leave your details below: