• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Are you looking to become one of Proinsight’s most reliable Mystery Shoppers? Maybe you already are but you’re still looking for extra tips to stay at the top!

    We’ve interviewed a few team members from the Operations Department out find out what they look for when selecting the best Mystery Shopper for the assignment. When you combine these top tips and put them into practice you will undoubtably be at the top of the list when we’re selecting the shopper.

    Show Some Passion

    We’ll kick off with Hannah, our Head of Operations, she said “a great Mystery Shopper is someone who has passion around excellent customer service and wants to see improvements in their loved and local brands. They have an eye for detail, can express themselves well through writing and are good communicators. Some of our best shoppers don’t join us as the ‘greatest Mystery Shopper of all time’, they grow by learning about the role (like in most industries), using our Shopper STARS Grading listening to feedback from the Proinsight team and learning through our Shopper Academy.”

    Shopper STARS is our new grading system, we changed in September 2020 and it’s made it clearer as to why we have given shoppers certain grades! Check out our Shopper Academy to find out more about Shopper STARS.

    Shopper STARs

    Following on with Tom, our longest serving Ops Team Member, he said “The perfect Mystery Shopper is someone who is contactable, uses and reads all of the available information in the survey, uses the Shopper Academy as well as the instructions and follows the shopper STARS guidelines to complete the best quality of mystery shops.” Again highlighting how crucial it is for you to utilise the academy as well as focus on your STARS rating!

    Attention To Detail

    Louis S or Sharkey as he’s better known within the company says “Attention to detail is crucial for me. It’s important the shopper reads the brief carefully and understands its requirements. They can always get in contact with their coordinator if they want some clarification. Then when carrying out their assignment to be conscious of the environment and little details that can help make a good report.” When completing a mystery shop we would always rather talk to you more, clarifying instructions with you rather than having to deal with potential issues once the shop has been completed – always get in touch with us or check out the Shopper Academy if you’re unsure on something!

    Make Sure You Understand Fully

    Finally we move to Louis A who looks “to see if they ask questions about the instructions. This helps me to see if they understand entirely what they need to do, as well as if they are actually interested and committed to the assignment.” When you’ve been in the game so long you can tell quickly how interested a shopper is just by the tone of voice, to ensure that you get given the shop ask plenty of questions to show your enthusiasm!

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