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  • Managing Director, David Hopkins, and a group of friends gallantly attempted to complete the the 3 Peaks Challenge over the weekend- climbing the highest mountain in Wales, England & Scotland.

    It started off smoothly, with David successfully scaling the heights of the tallest of the 3 mountains, Ben Nevis, in Scotland trouble free. Next up, was a 7 hour drive down south of the border to England, to climb Scaffel Pyke. David and friends successfully reached the top of England’s highest mountain at 9:30pm and were geared to head back down for the final leg of their challenge. Sadly, this is when things went slightly awry. On their return back, the group took a wrong turning and ended up on the west face of the mountain as oppose to the required east face. A combination of the total darkness and a lack of track meant David was forced to spend what was a chilly night sleeping on the mountain (Bear Grylls style. What should have been a straight forward 2 hour descend down, turned into a 7 hour trek through mud and marshes.

    Unfortunately this sleepless night of trauma and anxiety meant David was unable to complete the climb of Mount Snowden. However, he is not to be deterred. David will be completing the final leg of his trip at some point next month. What a trooper!