• Mystery Shopping your Customer Experience

  • Earning More Money for Christmas: The Mystery Shopper Way

    As the holiday season approaches, our wallets start to feel the pinch. But what if we told you there’s a way to put more jingle in your pockets just in time for Christmas?

    The holiday season brings along not only joy but also extra expenses. From gifts and feasts to festive decorations, it all adds up! But there’s a way to keep your wallet from feeling like it’s on a diet during the most indulgent time of the year. Become a mystery shopper with Proinsight and watch your Christmas budget grow as you indulge your inner Sherlock!

    Step 1: Join ProInsight Mystery Shopping

    Before you start your mystery shopping side hustle, you need a trusty guide, and that’s where we come in.

    Proinsight is your go-to destination for all things mystery shopping. Our reputation as one of the leading mystery shopping companies in the UK is well-established, and we’re excited to welcome you into our Pro shopper family.

    We even have a handy Academy to help you learn tips, tricks and trade secrets.

    Step 2: Choose from Santa’s Bag of Diverse Assignments

    At Proinsight, we’ve got a bundle of assignments that suit your interests and location. Want to dine at your all time favourite restaurants? Eager to hit the shops for some retail therapy? Or maybe you’re a phone call away from evaluating customer service in the comfort of your own festive home?

    Our list of available assignments is like Santa’s bag of goodies, full of options to delight every shopper.

    Depending on your location in the UK you’ll also get your very own friendly Project Manager who will be able to guide you though assignments and answer any queries you might have along the way!

    Step 3: Boost Your Christmas Budget with High-Paying Assignments

    We know that Christmas can be an expensive time, but it’s also the perfect season for mystery shopping. Businesses want to ensure the merriest customer experiences, which means more opportunities for you to rake in the holiday cash. And at Proinsight, we believe in rewarding your hard work. Our assignments offer competitive compensation, ensuring that your efforts are well worth it.

    You may even come across some assignments that require you to record your shop. We offer higher compensation for these assignments, recognising the additional effort and expertise required to provide valuable feedback through video evaluations.

    Take a look at our online shop!

    Step 4: Stay on Santas Nice List 

    Just like Santa plans his route meticulously to visit every home, you too can plan your assignments efficiently. Select shops that are close to each other to minimise travel time and maximise your earnings. Santa would be proud of your time-management skills!

    Maintain records of your shops, receipts, and required documentation. Staying organised ensures that you get paid accurately and on time.


    Step 5: Deliver High-Quality Reports to Spread Christmas Cheer

    Just as Santa spreads joy to households around the world, you too can spread cheer by providing valuable feedback to businesses. Write detailed, objective reports to maintain a good reputation in the industry and increase your chances of getting more assignments.

    After you have submitted a shop report, our team of Elves ( AKA Quality Controllers ) will give you a STARS grading. This is scored based on your Spelling and Grammar, Timeliness, Attachment Quality, Recall & Accuracy and Storytelling.

    The higher your grading, the more shops you will have the opportunity to do!


    This Christmas, don’t let budget constraints put a damper on your celebrations. Join the Proinsight Mystery Shopping family and turn your holiday season into a financial success story. We promise to make your mystery shopping journey a merry one!

    Sign up with ProInsight Mystery Shopping today, and get ready to jingle all the way to a wealthier, more wonderful Christmas season. Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas!