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  • 1k a day, to keep minds okay!

    As a team, we haven’t all been in a room together since December and when lockdown 3.0 was announced we wanted an initiative that would create a sense of togetherness during these difficult times.

    We all use Myzone belts to track our fitness and often set up challenges whereby we compete against one another and race to get the most MEPs! However, this time around, we decided to create a team challenge where we were all supporting each other to get up and get moving.

    Why exercise is so important

    It’s so important for our mental health to exercise; it is a well known fact that exercise releases endorphins and gives you nothing but the feel good factor. There’s also an argument that exercise will help the fight against Covid-19, and there’s nothing we want more than our Proinsight team to return fit and healthy following the pandemic.

    Raising money for Mind

    We agreed that if we set ourselves a target to really challenge us all, we could raise a bit of money in the process that could go towards a fantastic course. With so many people currently battling with their mental health alone, the mental health charity has been in demand now more than ever.

    What we did

    10 Proinsight team members took part in the challenge, and we came up with the initiative of achieving 1000 MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) per day – #1kadaytokeepmindsokay. Everyone got stuck in and got active, reaching a total of 39,000 MEPs over a 39 day period and we were over the moon to smash our target of raising £250.

    Your donation has helped

    Overall, we raised £300 for Mind, the mental health charity. This is enough to fund the cost of 3 Infoline or Legal Line Advisors for an entire day! This means that there is always someone available on the other end of the phone to offer support to those in need.

    There’s still time to donate… click this link to support us. Also, head over to our Instagram page to follow our journey over the past month.

    Thank you to everyone who has kept us motivated with your support, we couldn’t have done it without you!