Proinsight begins to measure the Golf customer experience



Proinsight have partnered with Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) to capture and measure the customer journey at their Golf Courses. This is a first for Proinsight, as we continue to break into new sectors using robust content delivery and our forward thinking, unique online platform. 

This mystery shop comprises a telephone call that can be tailored to create different sales opportunities and assess how well the team match services to the customer needs.

Are all the upsell opportunities taken?

Is the pro shop mentioned in the call?

The mystery visit can again be tailored to specific areas that you may want to check.

How is the presentation of the locker room?

Does the pro shop have all items priced and any promotions in view?

Do the staff upsell appropriately?

Finally, the course itself. Are the on-course services to the required standard? Get in touch today and we can give you a clear and realistic assessment of your current service level.