Proinsight announces new partnership with Gymbox

Proinsight are delighted to announce yet another new partnership for 2016. We will be working with one of the most exciting new companies in the fitness industry, Gymbox.

Working across all of Gymbox’s eight sites located in nearly every corner of London, Proinsight aim to deliver a bespoke mystery shopping programme that matches the company’s philosophy to excite, energise and ignite.

Gymbox, after being founded in 2003, has rapidly grown into one of the biggest, most exciting names in the sector. Its locations are home to some of the most unique and diverse classes and facilities in the capital, and Proinsight believe that we can deliver, with quick turnaround, a telling insight into the unique experiences that the centres offer.

As Gymbox are the fitness industry’s self-proclaimed Marmite, we’re more than happy to say that we’re in the ‘love’ camp.